laliz (laliz) wrote,

Talking to Miami

Yep, so I was in Miami last weekend. No kidding. Thursday night at midnight, i discovered a writers'/illustrators' conference (SBCWI- down there. Neat- I've been wanting to go to a thing like that. So, siezing the impromtu day, I went, friday morning, to the Micosucci Casino and Resort, right next to the swampy everglades. Aspiring writers, i assume, haven't the budget for a beachfront ave. resort...

I spent the whole weekend shaking in my boots. (or little black WAS miami) Really- I was so overwhelmed/intimidated. But learned a ton, and joined a critique group. So...good. One more shaky step toward "publishment."

While there, we visited the Fruit and Spice Gardens of Miami. Who knew the jackfruit got up to 80 lbs!!!??? Geez!
And yes...they had loquats....sigh...wipe up the drool...loquats...

But back to the conference. I got two AMAZING opportunities to talk to a senior editor, and I blew them!!! I was so intimidated by his power to reject me that I lost all powers of smalltalk! I had nothing prepared, no thought-out questions (remember, 24 hrs before, I had no idea of his existance), and the best I came up with was the following brilliant pickup:

"so, do they send you to these conferences often?"

yeah. come here often? was the best i could do. Picture la poor liz's shoulders slumped in acute, dejected frustration.

Silver lining: He later told us what he was looking for. Edgy, more adult, contemporary youth fiction. Translation, he told us, sexual content. For those of you who know me...not my best genre... so he's probably not the editor I'd be sending my MS to anyway.

but it's a start.
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