laliz (laliz) wrote,

If there's one thing i love, it's yard work.
You think I'm kidding.

Every day I get to hack at wild, invading grape vines
and unclog poor, suffocated palmettos
is a day I'm happy about the world.
My muscles like heating up and feeling strong
My skin likes the sun on it

We found the sun-bleached bones
Of what was probably a possum.
And we suspect there is a dead body
Wrapped in some plastic in the ground
But we haven't dug it up yet.

Maybe tomorrow.

So, speaking of tomorrow, after church my parents and some friends of theirs have set up a friendly lunch. Because, "Our friends know this guy...and they think you and he would really get why don't we all go get lunch so you two can meet... "

I've never been asked to a "blind group sunday lunch" before, and this is curious. I'm optimistic, and I like meeting new people, so it might be fun. But, it could also be horribly, horribly stilted and forced. But at least you'll get to read something in this journal, no matter how it goes. So you win either way. Happy you...I'll try to make it interesting.
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