laliz (laliz) wrote,

Wow. Over a year.

I'd have to say, as an LJ user, I am probably not winning any awards, eh?

(Hides her face behind nearby potted plant in shame for staying so completely out of touch, then realizes no one can see her anyway and comes back to keep typing)'ve you been?


I've learned a new language, almost

Lived for three months in the mountains of southern Mexico,

Witnessed landslides and plucked dead chickens (not related)

Eaten grasshoppers,

Been completely embarrassed by an overly amorous latin dance instructor,

Been completely embarrassed by a single, attractive latin lawyer who likes to dance

Finished my book (okay, almost. But next week it's being mailed out! So that pretty much counts as finishing it, right?)

Acquired a nephew (Charlie!) and a sister-in-law (Stacey!),

Went back to the mountains of southern Mexico and to Mexico City,

Liked it so much I accepted a job and

Will be returning not this Tuesday but the next.

Okay, breathe.

Seriously, it's nice to be back here on LJ, and I hope to get some more details posted about what's been happening.
Yeah, it's true. I'm moving out of the country. WOW!! Amazing what can happen.

If life is a river,
I'm in the current of a new curve,
drawn along by an unseen hand, and
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this ride!

Much love to you all.
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